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Ayatollah Qassim: Reform is Good for all, while Corruption is Death for all and they are not Equal

Ayatollah Qassim: Reform is Good for all, while Corruption is Death for all and they are not Equal

Ayatollah Isa Qassim: Reform is Good for all, while Corruption is Death for all and they are not Equal.

The second Friday sermon – political – [565] 24 Ramadan 1434 AH / 2 August 2013 Mosque Imam Sadiq / Aldraz.

Can they be equal?

Are reform and corruption equal? Are those two equal in background, mentality, religious, ethics, or law? Does reform and the call for it equal corruption and the call for it? Are they equal in their love for the country,  and in  preserving its unity and in taking care of its strength? Are they equal in any positive or negative result that they may cause? Reform and corruption are not equal as well as the call for them.

Is Reform a need for only a specific party? Does corruption harm one party only? It is an opinion some may deem, however, one can deem it only under the influence of illusion, vanity, myopia, and delusive circumstances. As for the reality of the live as one house, one country and one society, its general logic is to the contrary what those deem. The local scene and the Arab and Muslim and all global squares certify blatantly that reform is good for all and that corruption is the  death for all and the destruction of the components of the society and nations.

Some advise the authorities in many countries  where the conflict between the authorities and peoples in terms of the cancellation of rights as it possesses reasons and means for tightening and oppressing that exaggerates the excessive use of force. It is an advice, if the authorities used in each place , it’ll throw them into the sea.

This ignorant and unjust voice has sparked fire in many countries of the Arab arena, created situations and earthquakes often tragic, and broke a lot and gave what gave of results which testifies to the idiocy of this opinion, the absurdity of this statement, and the foolishness of this view.

If you’re as strong as you think, and sought your and the whole country, or you’re not interested in anything but your benefit, it is not through corruption or through oppression, injustice, bullying the weak, killing, terrorism and violence but in justice, reform and the return to appropriate religion, reason, wisdom and humility.

How much the people of power and oppression whose arrogance lead them to oppression and injustice and not to rely on faith and reason, how much did they gain from this sick logic? You have before you the experiences of nations and peoples, the history and the present and what lessons time holds in this resource.

The one community need each member just like the members of one house need each other, and if the rift got wider then they will suffer all their lives.

Arab arena between exclusivity and participation:

Since what has the so-called Arab Spring achieved of victories against some political systems, the  Arab arena has not settled down in none of the countries that struggle fiercely to achieve victory.

The former conflict has turned into another conflict between the joint victory parties, or that what has happened is that the former conflict has took an another color and an emerging picture on the level of the confrontation, and content remained as it is or largely influenced by the status of the past and its background.

The Arab arena in the current conflicts is still subjected to the external’s will and its  blatant intervention, and the spirit of exclusivity of governance and absolute control in the various parties is still the dominant thing and the apparent motivator of the conflict.

 And bloods are still shedding, wounds are deepening, wealth  is being wasted, animosities are widening, fighting is continuing, combating is blazing, and the country is losing out on more than one level.

With the rule of the spirit of monopoly power in all parties, and not scruple of the use of force to subdue the other party’s will, none of them has the enough force decisive, or the suitable atmosphere that completely allows the free use of this force and oppression, and of the unlimited bloodshed and the extravagance in the blood shedding.

Based on that, and in light of the reality of the conflict and bullying of all parties and equations present on the ground of more than one point, it is unlikely to  achieve the solution in favor of monopolizing power and governance at the hands of any party in all arenas, and if such thing is practically an impossible , even on the level of the foreseeable future.

And thus, there is no exit for any of these arenas from the reality of the bitter andcostly conflict! And there will be no of the strength remained to countries that are raging in excruciating events and, nor a place or a chance to achieve healing and reformation,  and to heal the wounds, and to stop bleeding, attrition, and the series of degradation, destruction, and heavy losses. No exit nor a solution can create an agreement that is able to stand on the ground and enjoy a degree of stability, but the reconciliation solution which is based on satisfaction even if  it require complying with the Fait accompli.

Without that, results are disastrous for all – in all the Arab countries – to a very large extent, it is of the kind that threatens the existence of these countries and the existence of the nation and opens the doors of the  unlimited risk their reality and identity.

God may guide this nation to the maturity, take it to the path of reform  and righteousness, and save it from its current course which is leading to itsdestruction.

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