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Qassim: ‏What is being Leaked about the Intention of the Solution is Just a Mirage & Camouflage

Qassim: ‏What is being Leaked about the Intention of the Solution is Just a Mirage & Camouflage

Ayatollah Isa Qassim: What is being Leaked about the Intention of the Solution is Just a Mirage and Camouflage, which is what we see on the Ground.

The second Friday sermon – political – [563] 3 Ramadan 1434 AH / 12 July 2013 | Mosque Imam Sadiq / Aldraz.

Unbearable ratification:

To strip a person of his clothes and threaten to rape him if he doesn’t admit on himself or on others what is wanted from him and imposed upon him by another party. The doer of such deeds must have abandoned his religion, humanity and the last shred of his honor. If the threat was addressed to a virtues woman, then it reveal that the doer of this act is so much far away from the issue of religion, honor, jealousy, and every human virtue, and it also detect lowliness and nauseous meanness.

Moreover, where this to happen under official sponsorship and before the official party, then the religious, moral and humanitarian disaster is unspeakable and the atrocity is uglier and more painful.

Who can bear to hear such terrible and killer news in this holy month of Ramadan? Who can imagine that this happens by the hands of an official body in a Muslim country, an official body that often talk about Islam and in the name of Islam? What Muslim does not get provoked when hearing of this obscenity? And what Muslim of an iota of faith and what human being of an iota of jealousy and virtue trivialize it and stay quite regarding it?

The oppressed prey has stated what she stated in this matter, and incidents of this type is frequent, which makes you unable defuse  her words. Ratification of such cases used to be very difficult, and now to have no way but to ratify it is unbearable.

Our tools is different:

There is a confrontation between the government in Bahrain and the broad movement of people caused by looting the rights by one party and demanding them the other party. Rights which large weight, great importance, and relation to the right to live and human dignity, cannot be disregarded; therefore this confrontation launched and will continue as long as the cause exists, and the government kept denying these rights and insists on continuing forfeiting them.

Speech is one of this confrontation tools and sources of power to both sides. As for the government sources, the income  from oil and others, the generous aid from abroad to support its position, weapons and soldiers, and supportive attitudes from sister and friendly countries that share interests. Another of its resources is loyalists and mercenaries who service out of fear or greed.

The people movement sources of strength are strong faith rooted in the need for reform and change, unbearable oppression including disregarded rights, great determination, unrelenting and unbreakable will, generous  sacrifice and patience on the effort and hardship that does not expire, the remaining conscience in this world triumph for the oppressed here and there, the suffering of chocking injustice that included more categories of people from all backgrounds and orientations, rightly, fair and moderate demands that do not contradict any international custom, and fit completely in harmony with human rights, the decisions of the united nations, and the theoretical conclusion of the policy of the Muslim World and which became a slogan to peoples. Added to that, the people demands in its proposed form is much lower than the ceilings raised by the Arab revolutions that synchronized this movement and which they fought  fierce battles just for its sake.

As for the tools of the two parties, on the one hand, the government  security forces armed to the teeth fill the whole arena, and an army that really intervened and is ready to intervene at any time to suppress every manifestation of protest and silence the voice demanding for freedom and rights, an army which include forces from home and abroad and which issue threats to citizens from time to time and does not see an obstacle to the implementation of its threats. Another of these tools are prisons, extended  imprisonment, interrogations that include torture and pain, and trials that the outside before the opposition inside evidenced by the reality of these trials see that their drive and character in a lot of cases is political and nothing else.

About the people movement tools in general nature and reality are marches, sit-ins, peaceful rallies, and media that take objectivity and envisage accuracy, I am not saying that it cannot be interspersed with Exaggerations and inaccuracy.

But when we look at the accredited media centers in the movement, they avoid to be interspersed with false news and inflated images of events and they don’t adopt lies and slander in the media. This corresponds to an official media that all its targets know that it is full of lies and fabrication.

Regarding  the issue of the demolished mosques which are forbidden to be rebuilt and to worship at its ground, two types of methods confront, the first is the mental type which is based on the documents and the ancient historical reality, and the second type which depends on the law of jungle, force and victory, the language of arms, murder and killing, blood and bluster – this is regarding mosques, and it is an example- as the case is the same in all the conflict areas between advocates of reform and correction, and defenders of the unfair situation.

The nature of the methods used for this party vary enormously in its nature, size, ethics, and effect of the nature of what the other party use. On one hand, a word and extended  hand-grips in the air! On the other hand, toxic gas and live bullets, shotguns and inflammatory hot water hoses, and effectiveness of the word weapon differ than the fire and iron weapon. The effects of the contrary other methods are mortal and destructive .

However, the right stays the more powerful and the more lasting, it is a miracle in the strength of will and endurance, a miracle which the force of arms and the oppression of fire and iron must fall before. Victory and splendor are for the peoples who fight for the right in the path of truth, for this holy proud people who do not wants unfair and corrupt nor inclined to aggression.

Waiting, until what?

The situation in the country and the problem are worsening, the economy is receding, political reputation is worsening, the real situation is a scandal, security is deteriorating, homeland losses are increasing, confidence is lacking, wounds are deepening, and vents are fading, so if the authority or some of its parties have a valuable solution, -a solution based on justice, recognizing the rights of people- so, what are you waiting for? Till all doors block, and all opportunities evaporate? Till the ordeal overwhelm so it does not leave wisdom or a mind, nor a place for a soothing word, nor an effective mentor’s advice?!

what has been leaked about the intention of the solution, thinking about it, and the desire for a solution seems to be just camouflage and mirage.
The events on reality in its Tensioning and escalation, intensification and ferocity issued by official bodies, all that say that the official party has no intentions for reform, nor thinking about it at all, unless the opposite would be an introduction to its opposite and a facilitating step for it- we do not know about that but only in particular -.

And whether there is an intention for reform or not, there was a reform project which was worth considering, or it was just a project for propaganda and to fill a need of the media, soon it was or away, all of that will not affect the people’s movement nor its his enthusiasm  and insistence on demanding rights through the possible peaceful ways and continue his withstand till  he gets recognized and he retrieves his right and achieve the justice.

It is weird, those who denounces this people demanding equitable distribution of constituencies, and if something recognized for that people, some call for a more equitable distribution which means a slight adjust for the unjust distribution , but reaching the fair extent is so far.

Some of countries which leads the Democracy Movement in the world –as alleged – are involved in disregarding the citizens rights here and take this view.

Some deems it excessive for this people to demand a full power parliament council, and if they slightly agree with it, they reduce its powers, and if the people insisted on an honest elected parliament (it is when a citizen’s voice is equal to his brother’s –another citizen-), they give the opposition MPs a slight increase and take off all its value and insist to obtain the majority by keeping the appointed Consultative Council and affiliate it in the right of legislating laws!! If the people calls for an elected government by the House of Representatives, they said that appointing the head of government is non-voting, and said about ensuring the important number of the ministries and keep it away of the people’s opinion! if the people calls for equality and for allowing any  willing would-be citizen to enter the field of the security apparatus and the army, they said that it must be subjected to a long schedule and it is block for a specific class of citizens until issuing a political decision, which people has nothing to do with, to open this way.

After all this, you can believe about reform? It is just a nominal reform, a reform without color, nor taste, without weight, nor advantage  nor reality.

And we come to some countries that raise the slogan of freedom and democracy, as well as its protect, which launch wars on its behalf and on the behalf of saving peoples, such countries are giving us their advice to accept this sham inefficient  rickety reform.
We wish for all our country’s situations to calm down, everyone feel secured and safe, and enjoy the life in this country!! All that is possible and close if the authority has a real intention and  a serious will for reform, and proceed to accept a real reform and an able solution to end the crisis and achieve the salvage.

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