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Qassim: Withdrawing Citizenship from a number of Honest Citizens is a Disgrace to the Country

Qassim: Withdrawing Citizenship from a number of Honest Citizens is a Disgrace to the Country

Bahrain movement is smarter than to fall into the quagmire of sectarian despite the government’s’ tireless attempts to drag it there.
Ayatollah Isa Qassim: Withdrawing Citizenship from a number of Honest Citizens is a Disgrace to the Country and a Scandal to the Government

Friday second sermon – political – [562] | 25 August 1434 e / 5 July 2013 | Mosque Imam Sadiq / Aldraz.

What a movement the people lead?

A movement that extended until it almost mediates its third year, and it receives blows from the government and pays prohibitive costs at the level its people blood, money, sufferings and the torments of the symbols and the thousands of young citizens who tasted and still taste the bitterness of prison, injustice, humiliation, and the different kinds of pain while they are hidden there. In addition to the sufferings that took their great share nor continues to take its painful share of the lives of men, women and children, and pigment the houses conditions and haunt the families.

With all this, on the one hand, the people determination didn’t relent and they didn’t think about retreating from their demands for the rugged road and the hardship of continuing. On the other hand, they weren’t helmed by peaceful option nor provoked to violence.

A movement which brings together the majority of the people in a march, a sit-in and a protest which hardly stop in its various sizes throughout the period they spent in the struggle in the midst of trouble and sacrifices.

A movement that was the smartest, the more virtues and the more honest than to fall into the quagmire of sectarian despite the tireless attempts to drag him to this quagmire by the government, and many of those employed for this despicable purpose, and to access the situation to the dangerous slider where there is no mercy for any of the people.

A movement that was accused and is still accused by the government and the loyalists as sectarian, linked abroad, and wants to monopoly the wealth of the country and eliminates the others. The movement was able to fail all these lies. None of the neutral reports of any study of the situation in Bahrain – and even the report of the fact-finding committee headed by Mr. Bassiouni, which was selected by the government – none of them supports something of these lies, but came to what is on the dispute.

None of the friendly countries of the government will agree on what is being promoted. Moreover, the government itself know that these allegations are just a fabrication perhaps to isolate this movement so no one sympathize with it among the States and the international bodies and institutions.

The issue of Arab movements and Arab revolutions all of which have one drive and one substantive background; the issue of tyrannical governments, unjust and abusive authorities, which impose themselves with iron and fire and misleading media, and a group of conscience vendors who feed on crumbs stolen from their peoples and deplete the wealth of nations.

Its a problem of compelling systems and governments and oppressed people who are tired of being oppressed, suffering from their disregard dignity and deprived livelihood. Their suffering, awareness, and tragedy has led them to the revolution against tyrant systems and governments, nothing stopped them from continuing this road, not the hardships nor repression, nor the sacrifices.

This is the true background of the Arab revolutions that swept within these years, regardless of the type of demographics, the components of the people, and the multiple nationalism, sectarian and partisan, and others.

The government in Bahrain and its loyalists do not argue with the fact that the reason for these revolutions but the peoples sufferings from the oppressing systems, and they did not stop blessing these revolutions  victories, they even  supported some of them in public. But when it comes to the peaceful movement in Bahrain , the government and its loyalty stain it with sectarianism and terrorism, violence and treason, and such Fabrications that never stop.

All the Arab peoples, who moved and arisen against the injustice of the systems that governed them, have their own opinion, independent will, sense of its dignity, and decision to move and rebel, and so are the people of the world, but this people. It does not have anything of those, and it lost the  awareness and the spirit of patriotism. Moreover, all its prominent men are dolls and deaf machines in foreign hands, and the government can’t bargain with them or buy and silence them like it buys many, because they are greedy people and their greed can only be satiated by foreign money.

All this to further oppress this people, disregard it, and disregard it’s talents. The purpose of this falsehood is to not break the government absolute control over this people, to continue the monopolization of the wealth and the enslavement of the man of this country, and to bring down the value of the movement and the confidence in it and increase its opposites inside and outside of the country. However, all of that is increasingly failing day by day, the truth show and the lies lose their effects.

The goal of the continuing Media Smear of the reality of this popular, political, and fair movement, which is driven from the spirit of reform and the sense of its necessity, is to get a sharp sectarian split in this country between the brothers in religion, history, and land. Also to let them fight each other under the supervision of the government; let all perish and save whatever it wants.

However, the astute people did not allow and will not allow for this unjust purpose and maliciousness vile to take their way to reality, and the fact is that there is no movement like this people movement in its rationality, peace, and virtue, and there is no government like this government in its intransigence and  stubborn attitude towards the demands of the people, then what does it mean for the majority of people, elites, women and men to participate in the marches that demands rights for more than two years and the government answers in repression, violence and terrorism.

Do not commit it..

Withdrawing the citizenship from a number of noble citizens, in the forefront, Ayatollah Sheikh Hussein Najati – may God protect him -, taking their passports and working on deporting them compulsorily, separating them from their children and families, as well as their land and homes, without committing any fault ; is a crime against the nation and the human being!! It is an unconcealed invasion over the right of citizenship, and a religious and constitutional and legal violation, and it is an irreverence of citizens. It is a heinous crime, just do not commit it! Keep your hands away of its first procedures!!

It is a shame on the nation, a deep backwardness in the past, a language of the jungle languages, a shameful political abomination, an abnormal farce of the unfair authorities farces, an ethical disaster, a scandal for the authority, a blind tribalism, a hateful distasteful sectarian expression, and it is a major crime when such actions are being taken against innocent sincere valuable noble citizens; just for saying a word that deny what is bad and enjoin what is good! Just for calling for reform, save the nation, and correct the situation! Just for participating in a march, a Sit – in or any kind of peaceful protest against corruption.

All sensible people in this nation and every loyal citizen are against such arbitrary actions! They won’t accept for their homeland to be the hardest in denying and oppressing its people and disregarding their dignity.

Enough!! Stop such major atrocities and evils that the land of this country has witnessed, including torturing good people –who demand reform- to death, so  God take their souls as noble martyrs –giving a probative testimony about  the injustice of man to man in a justice court where no secret or contravention can be hidden-, including sending women to prison unjustly, and show other in a slaves scene as they are subjected to beatings and humiliation at the hands of authority officers in a public market and a shopping center with no shame, no reservation or timidity, including demolishing mosques and scattering copies of the Quran and books of prayers on the ground abandoning its high moral value and its sanctity in Islam.

The country’s atmosphere has been filled with an odor  that irritate  and disturb the souls and hearts that has something of life, these unpleasant odors are  emitted of heavy atrocities which are stressful to the human spirit and contrary to the taste of his humanity and his nature, then do not add more annoying atrocities, crimes and evil.

 A lesson from Egypt..

Egypt has arose a new revolution against its elected president and his government, its board of deputies and Constitution after the previous revolution on the old regime and it also overthrew its new regime the way it did to the old one, though this time it happened with the meditation of the military but with a huge mass creeping.

It is no seen that this is the end of this matter and revolutions in Egypt, even if the matter required a revolution on the current situation again in the eyes of masses, whether this rule was a result of democratic process – regardless of its level-  or another way, whether this rule came at the hands of military itself or under another names, whether this rule came at the hands of the masses themselves which turned against their will.

What remains important and the focus of attention, according to the masses, is the final result and achieving the required goal, which is the fair rule, not authoritarian or tendentious to one troop at the expense of other troops, not arrogant or cocky rule that does not use its force against its people, and which shall respect the humanitarian freedom of the citizens, have interest in the circumstances of resentment and services for all the citizens equally. A rule that does not take hold wealth alone or does not distribute the positions on the sons of the tribe and friends and people of personal loyalty as if these positions are gifts possessed by the governor himself regardless of those people’s efficiency. This rule, according to the masses, shall advance the level of the homeland at all the positive beneficial levels; respect the religion’s rites and sanctities in addition to the high humanitarian and moral values. This rule shall fulfill its promises and anything it says and meet all its covenants that it committed to implement. A rule that deal with the matters wisely and in a rational way, whose hand shall not be ready to oppress for the first problem it confronts. A rule that is valid in every sense of the word. A rule that its internal or external policy does not get bound by the foreign’s will. A rule that does not make its homeland at its hand a humiliated follower to the policies of others like humiliating its labor or lack of confidence in itself or its people or not separating from the other or getting paid (the rule) for its betrayal from others.

The ambition of Egypt’s people and the peoples of the Arab revolutions is this kind of this rule. The peoples have started practically moving on the road of this ambition in peaceful and revolutionist movements and came to sacrifice generously on this road as they will not stop from achieving their goal at any stage from the stages of rapid pursuance unless their goal is achieved in a stable and guaranteed way, not to mention that people will not be satisfied with any of the slogans of democracy, ballot box, popular governments, and the free vote if the desired result is not achiever, otherwise there will be upheaval against it.

This is the lesson that the second revolution in Egypt presents after one year from having a rule under the name democracy, ballot box, and fair elections. This is the lesson that the new regimes shall learn in the countries of Arab revolutions that ruled under name of Islam or another things and the outdated regimes that hope to remain forever.

Whether any regime learns from this truth or not, this truth will not change and the regimes will find it – the truth – more honest than all of its wishes.

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