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Qassim: Mosques’ Tragedy in Bahrain is a Card Made by the Policy to Provoke the Sectarian Spirit

Qassim: Mosques’ Tragedy in Bahrain is a Card Made by the Policy to Provoke the Sectarian Spirit

No one is allowed to use the religion or doctrine as an excuse to disseminate the sectarian strife and fuel it.
Ayatollah Isa Qassim: Mosques’ Tragedy in Bahrain is a card made by the policy to provoke the sectarian spirit.

The Second Friday Sermon – political – [561] 18 Sha’ban 1434 H / 28 June 2013 – Mosque of Imam Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him), Alduraz.

Before the disaster’s occurrence

Before the mind’s disappearance, conscience’s absence, insight’s vanishing, religion’s disappearance,  and before the wild emotions go alone to a decision, insanity blackens, the control slips away, the grudges of ignorance explode, the spark of sectarianism ignites and its fire inflames, the deadly burning sedition floods all the nation’s peoples and Islam’s land, and before all of this, before the crisis overcomes the ability to control, in a way that a great sin may occur, a black ignorance may prevail, and the nation may deserve its God’s anger,

So, before all of this, each Muslim, who has a little of Islam and insight, a bit of thinking about sequences, and has a respect for his/her religion, a mercy for his/her nation, a generous humanitarian sense, appreciation for Islam’s fundamentals and decisions, a belief in the sanctity of Muslim’s bloods, has to stand up in the face of sedition and say a word for those who create it and promote it, to say a word for the followers of takfirist thought and the terrorist orientation that allow Muslims’ bloodshed. Each Muslim has to make every possible effort to resist the wave of the creeping hatred, to take a step, even if one step, to stop the murderous sectarian sense which some people allowed for themselves to provoke, feed, inflame, and ignite, and to extend it to every inch of the land of Islam and world, and to every soul of Muslim’s souls, who allowed for themselves to accelerate the explosion of the situations in the Islamic field in order to burn this field and its people.

Let us, O’ jealous Muslims from all the sects, be knowledgeable and aware that there are ignorant ones, in addition to those who misunderstand their doctrines and Islam and there are some complex people and spiteful ones. Let us be aware that there is an enemy for the nation, all the nation, who takes advantage of its divisions. There are people who are employed to tear up the nation’s unity whether they are volunteers to do so or employed from others to do so. There are those who follow the secular devious policy or conspiratorial schemes against the nation out of the wild desires to eliminate the nation and cease Islam’s light. All those who are involved in igniting the sedition and feeding the sectarian sense and preparing for the destroying explosion, if the sedition comes to be ignited and its flames come to mount, will escape and hide and flee from it, asking survival for their families and siblings, leaving the nation sinks in its bloods and destroys itself at its hand and erase its religious features.

O Muslims, who could find one text from Qur’an or the holy Sunnah that can be used as an argument between him/her and God, that permits Shiite to fight Sunni until this Sunni converts to Shiite, or that permits Sunni to fight Shiite until this Shiite converts to be Sunni??  There is nothing, at all, that indicates to this. There is no evidence in this area that permits such thing, so how it is claimed that it is an obligatory or desired thing?? This is a heresy, a scandalous outright heresy and frank defection from Islam.

It is clearly that the one who does such actions are out of Islam’s rule which indicates to the sanctity of Muslim’s bloods, honor, and money as it is fixed definitely in Islam and there is no dispute about this.

As for the Hedith of division indicating that the nation will divide to seventy sects, its theme is the separation within the external Islamic framework which is sufficient for the sanctity of Muslim’s blood, honor and money. Its theme is not the division of the nation to 70 sects, and that only one sect is Muslim while the remainder ones are infidel. We don’t see it like that. This Hedith does not indicate that only one sect is the Muslim while the remainders are infidels which are out of the Islamic external rule. This doesn’t exist. If Hadith has been taken in this way, this would be considered arbitrary, unfair, and unjust on the text itself – one sect is Muslim and the others are infidel whose followers are out of the previous general rule that pervades the believer, debauched, obedient Muslims and the disobedient, knowledgeable, and ignorant ones, except in the case that there is a specific case that exclude him/, a Hedith or verse which is clear about penalty or Had.

No one is allowed, at all, to use the religion or doctrine as an excuse to disseminate the sectarian strife and fuel it in order to lead Muslims to bloodshed and kill each other.

As for what happened in Egypt when there was a breaking into a house for Muslim, who is a follower of Allah’s Messenger (Allah bless him and his family), and killing four who were there in the house, is but a horrific massacre. This is only ignorance of ignorant and neglect of the Islamic values and Sharia’s provisions. It is a heinous crime committed publicly in the daylight in a way that it shakes the human conscience representing a heinous contempt for the human rights.

The ugliness and hideousness of this action increased when the martyrs’ bodies were dragged and pulled on the ground, to show us one thick ugly image of brutality’s images as well as absence of religion, humanity, and conscience, not to mention fondness of crime.

Is it possible to accept from the government of Egypt and any institution and any responsible body to deal easily with this blatant aggression, heinous crime, and chaos? It’s not acceptable in terms of religion and the fair policy line as well.


Ongoing Tragedy

It is the tragedy of the mosques in the Islamic Bahrain. A Tragedy of demolition, colors of infringements and disruption of construction, prevention of reconstruction, and a fight against the prayers in the demolished mosques, which have been considered fixed e mosques since a long time.

All of this has become only a card made by the current policy that is investing it to stir up the sectarian spirit and trying to ignite its sedition. All this has become a winning card against what it targets by focusing on mosques of a specific sect. This thing has remained since it started, and it has become a continuous practical process that the authority insists on until now.

Apparently, all of this contradicts the clear of religion and the fixed Sharia’a.

What comes within this and to achieve the goal of division and strife and fighting between the brothers of the religion and homeland, is pushing the some, under the sectarian banner and even though it’s no motivated by sectarianism or does not have a justification from any Islamic sect, to support this ugly evil and participate in it.

What is supposed from the sons of the two communities of this Muslim people is not to be deceived by the political game and its low purpose. The doubt shall not lead any sect to think that this deed which offends Islam has come as a triumph from its policy and out of the jealousy on the sect to which it belongs. What would harm any Muslim sect if one of the Islamic mosques which has been built since ten years and hundred years has stayed and remained full of prayers, laudation, and everything related to God’s religion and religion’s service, has remained open for the prayers of the different sect without possessing the mosques from any sect in a way that it dominates it alone, even if this mosques comes within its endowments.

Also, any Muslim sect shall not think ever badly of the other sisterly Muslim sect. Any sect shall not be a partner in this hostile policy against the sanctities. Neither of the sects shall believe that those who are involved in the crime of demolishing the mosques which are affiliated to its endowments or attacking it with any color of infringement or disabling its function or standing in the face of the prayers, represent the stance of the whole sect to which they belong or the doctrine through which they worship. No sect shall believe that this condemned deed is approved by the sect whom he represents. We shall not have doubts on each other in this way at all.

When a mosque has been fixed to be mosque for dozens of years or more comes to be destroyed and prevented from being rebuilt, when the prayers are forbidden to be performed in while the soldiers and arms stand in the way of those who want to perform their duty on its ground, all this is a proof,that does not lack significance, of underrating Islam and insulting it.

And which Muslim could be silent about playing with the destiny of Islam and mosques?

What happened in the last week when the prayers were prevented on the ground of Aba Thar Mosque in Nuwaidrat that has been demolished for more than once by the force of soldiers and arms, in addition to the intervention of other elements in the process other than the official security force, hold two significances, which are hostility to mosques that means hostility to Islam and not one sect, and targeting to cause the sectarian strife.

So, all the Muslims, from all the sects, shall not forget their Islam and Islamic brotherhood in these situations and shall not achieve the goal of division for anyone, neither shall they be a fuel for its fire.

Yet, two questions remain in this topic: Is the imposition of this tight security cordon and the heavy guard on the Mosque of Aba Thar is to protect its holiness as it should be? Is it to be protected from being tampered with and humiliated at the hands of pagans whom are feared to enter the mosque because of its sacred stature? If it’s it like that, then it would be something commendable.

Or is all this to prevent the theist Muslim prayers from praying in it, to prevent rebuilding it and then to replace with a park as it’s circulated? It’s the evil, the outright scandalous evil.

If it’s the second, and it’s clear that it’s the second, then it’s the attitude which is consistent with the sanctity of mosque and Islam, and with the stature of religion in Muslim country and Muslim community, this position which deserves to be advocated by the sons of the Muslim community. Could this be said??

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